About Us


Pink Esther was birthed February 2018 when I was fired from my corporate job . It was such a pivotal moment in my life because by faith I had to believe God when he said I was going to be a Fashion Designer. I had no money saved up with bills piled to the sky, but despite my situation I never gave up on the vision God gave me. The name Pink Esther was inspired by a woman in the bible name Esther. She was an orphan that later became Queen. The favor of the lord was upon her when she was faced with a decision to use her authority as queen to save her bloodline. Esther was able to save an entire generation because she submitted to purpose.

Pink Esther is an sophisticated brand that was created to influence the last remnant of Modern Day Esther's to rise up, and take their positions as Queen on the throne. Pink Esther represents the modern day business women that's  BOLD, FEARLESS, and full of FAITH.



Our mission is to give the Modern Day business women an avenue to make bold fashion statements while walking in purpose. Although your clothing doesn't define you it is a key language that speaks to the world about who you are. God is doing a new thing. He created a lane just for us; We are the new wave, We set the bar in our industry and field. Pink Esther is more than a brand it's a lifestyle and movement. Purpose has a look let us help you discover that look!